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Integration: Configuring a Link with Xray Test Management

Jira Snapshots for Confluence can incorporate Xray data in the snapshots.

Due to the architecture of Jira Cloud and the Xray app, most of the Xray-specific data, such as test steps, is not recognized by Jira, and cannot be retrieved through the integration link with Jira. We’ll take you through the steps to establish a secure link between Jira Snapshots for Confluence and Xray Test Management.

Steps to Follow

  1. In your Jira instance:

    1. Navigate to the Jira instance from which Snapshots will be fetched, accessing as an admin user.

    2. Generate an Xray client ID and API key, following these instructions in the Xray manual:

    3. Note the client ID and API key, which you’ll need in order to continue.

  2. Back in Confluence, navigate to the Confluences admin area, and select Atlassian Marketplace / Jira Snapshots for Confluence.

    1. Under the Xray Connection tab, enter the client ID and API key.

    2. Click Submit, which first runs a connection test and then stores the data.

You're all set! Now when configuring a Jira Snapshot, you’ll be able to select Xray fields as columns in the report.