About Read & Understood Training Genius

Read & Understood Training Genius is a turnkey, enterprise-level read & understand app that helps Quality Assurance (QA) managers to ensure compliance through automatic implementation - including automated reminders sent from the system. QA managers can define rules from an easy-to-use dashboard that allows for greater control and hands-free assignment, freeing up their time for improved productivity.

Main features

Enterprise-level compliance

No matter the size of your company or the amount of training material, the automated functionality of the Training Genius guarantees you retain perfect oversight over user compliance to training requirements.

User friendly read-and-understand confirmation

Users can keep track of their pending and completed trainings, quickly navigate to the relevant document and confirm they have read and understood everything.

You can find more information in Completing a training.

Hands-free implementation

Once you have configured the rules, they are automatically applied and maintained as the system automatically notifies users of their new trainings. You can get started with the basic rule-set or customize it to suit your internal workflow.

You can find more information in About designing training rules.

Quick reports on training statuses

You can create individual or global training overviews and export them, for example for auditing purposes.

You can find more information in About training overviews.

Optional deadline management

Optionally, you can specify a deadline for all trainings that triggers email reminders when users haven't completed a training by the due date.

You can find more information about deadlines in Setting up a training program.