Speedy PDF Sign-Offs for Jira


Sign-Off Official eSignatures at the Speed of Light


Welcome to RadBee's Speedy PDF Sign-Offs for Jira!

Speedy PDF Sign-Offs for Jira Cloud enables teams to record and sign-off on issues, from within Jira. We call these records Speed-eRecords. The Sign-Off process is according to regulations such as FDA CFR 21 Part 11. Therefore, these eSigned Speed-eRecords  could facilitate passing regulatory audits of the organization.



How to Get Started Signing Jira Issues with Speedy

Getting Speedy PDF Sign-Offs rolling is a breeze. 

Once Speedy is downloaded from the Atlassian Marketplace, successfully, all you need to do is to connect it to a Google Drive or AWS S3 storage. It takes ~30 seconds. All the eSigned records that you will create via Speedy PDF will be stored in this place. Access to the records in this storage will only be available to you and to people that you will authorize. Also, this way of storing data is compliant with regulatory requirements such as FDA CFR 21 Part 11 and will stand any scrutiny at audits. It also helps avoid data residency issues.

For a quick experimental setup, it is easy to create a new free gmail account and use its associated Google Drive for the Speed-eRecords storage.


How It Works

Once Speedy PDF Sign-Off is installed it is immediately available across your entire organization. With just a few clicks of a mouse, you can create a new Speed-eRecord from any Jira issue of your choice and include in it comments and attachments, all within Jira Cloud itself. 

AND; the best part? from within your Jira issue you can request your colleagues’ to eSigne your Speed-Record. They’ll receive a unique one-time password in their email which they’ll use to sign-off the issue. Once everyone required has signed, which can take just a couple of minutes, the issue will be saved as a SIGNED record ready for any regulatory audit.

If you want a more detailed guide taking you through the process, check out our Speedy Quickstart Guide.

To start capturing your Speed-eRecords, simply:

Capture Issues In One Click
Simply click on any Jira issue to create a Speed-eRecord. Speedy PDF Sign-Off supports your entire Jira instance, projects, and issue types!

Automate Signature Requests
Once your Speed-eRecord is created, you can request signatures through our intuitive and easy interface.

Capture All Documentation
Speedy PDF Sign-Off for Jira captures all the related documentation and approvals to a single issue. Multiple media types are linked directly into the PDF document.

Your fully-captured Speed-eRecord is stored outside of Jira to a storage system that you choose. This ensures that the issue resolution record which is important to maintain compliance and audit requests will continue to exist, even if the original Jira project or ticket is deleted.

Get Started Today!

Speedy PDF Sign-Off for Jira is available for download on the Atlassian Marketplace. For questions or other information about RadBee, visit us online at www.radbee.com. Be sure to check out the RadBee Blog for more info on how Speedy can help you prepare for a compliance audit. and more!