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Integration with Xray Test Management for Jira

This integration is for user who manage tests on Xray Test Management for Jira , and need to include test information in their Jira Snapshots.


See it in action on our Sandbox environment


Due to the architecture of Jira Cloud and the Xray app, most of the Xray-specific data, such as test steps, is not recognized by Jira, and cannot be retrieved through the integration link with Jira. Therefore, before Jira Snapshots can retrieve Xray data, the system administrator needs to set up this integration as explained here:

Once this is done, the supported Xray fields will be available for selection. They can be identified via the prefix XRAY.

At this time, the supported Xray entity is the Test issue type. These are the available fields:

  1. Test type

  2. Status

  3. Last modified

  4. Steps

  5. Definition

  6. Gherkin

  7. Scenario type

  8. Test runs information:

    1. All test runs

    2. Latest test run