Configuring the scheduled job to calculate trainings

Once you have your training rules in place, you should decide how often you want them to run. This means Read & Understood Training Genius for Confluence periodically checks if users should be notified about a new training version.

By default, the scheduled job of the Training Genius runs every hour, but you can adjust this according to your needs. You can find more information on configuring scheduled jobs in the Confluence documentation.

  1. In Confluence administration, choose General configuration.
  2. Under Administration, choose Scheduled jobs.
  3. Find the RadBee Trainings Calculation and choose History.
  4. Check the duration of the job. This number can vary widely, depending on how many users and training pages have to be processed.
  5. Based on the duration, set a new schedule interval.

    Radbee recommends an interval of at least 15 minutes to keep the load on the system low.

Training calculator time limit

(lightbulb) Available from the RadBee Confluence Training Genius Core version 3.30.0 and onwards.

By default, the training calculator is limited to not execute more the 15 minutes. If the system is slower, due to the number of pages, number of users, or inadequate platform, then the calculator will not run and an error will be displayed to the administrator.

To change that default behavior navigate to the "Training Genius Configuration" screen, where you will find the parameter to control this behavior. You may either change the time that the calculator is allowed to run, or remove the limit altogether.