Setting up a training program

A fully automated training program makes use of rules that reflect your organisational structure and your training guidelines. This page provides information on how to configure this rule-based system.

Occasionally, you may need to assign users to train in a way that is not driven by the program, for example, if a single user needs a refresher training on a page. Check our About ad-hoc training for guidance on how to make this happen.

Preliminary work

Below are some questions to help you get started in organizing your trainings. Note that the list is not exhaustive and you can combine options, such as organizing your training pages in a space as well as label them.

  1. Decide how you want to identify your training pages:
    • Are they all organized in one space?
    • Are they spread across multiple spaces? Do they each have a label to identify them as a training page?
  2. Decide which users should complete the training.
    • Can they all be part of a training user group?
    • Do they all have the same email domain?
  3. Decide how often users should complete the training.
    • Should they complete it every time the training is updated?
    • Should they refresh their knowledge regularly, regardless of updates?

Configuring the settings

  1. In Confluence administration, choose General configuration.
  2. Under RADBEE, choose Training Genius Configuration.
  3. Up to version 3.33.0 (for later versions this feature is enables through the notifications setting, see Customizing the notifications generated by Training Genius)
    1. Optionally, select Deadline checking and enter a value in the Days field. 
  4. Users who do not complete the training by the deadline receive an email to remind them to complete it as soon as possible. This is in addition to any email notifications users receive for assigned trainings.
  5. Optionally, enable Ad-hoc training.

  6. At the bottom of the page, choose Save.

You can now start designing rules.

Remember that changes might not become active straight away. They are applied according to how you have configured the schedule. You can find more information about schedules in Configuring the scheduled job to calculate trainings.

Additional steps

  1. If necessary, add the training label to the relevant pages.
  2. If necessary, add users to the training group you created.

If this fits within your company workflow, consider creating a page with information about the rules you have implemented. Other users might want to create training pages and add them to the right space or give them the right label to trigger your rules.