About designing training rules

About training rules

Rules always consist of three elements:

  • The type of rule you want to use
  • The users who have to train
  • The pages of which users have to train on

If you create multiple rules, they are all active at the same time. As such, rules might overlap, Nevertheless, users will still receive only one notification for each training they should complete.

About the designer

You can access the designer in Confluence administration > General configuration > RADBEE > Training Rules Designer

All the available rules are listed on the left side of the designer's screen. When you select a rule on the left, you can see its details on the right.

  • You can use the arrow buttons on the top right to undo or redo any changes.
  • You can Revert All changes at once.
  • Changes are only applied if you choose Save at the top left of the page.
  • You can export and import your rules.

Designer actions

From the designer you can do the following: