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Configuring a Link with Jira

Once Jira Snapshots for Jira is installed, you’ll need to configure a connection with the Jira instance from which Snapshots will be taken.

Jira Snapshots for Confluence Cloud can be linked to a single Jira Cloud instance.

The user that is configured in this link is the user who accesses Jira data. Therefore the snapshots will retrieve data according to the access permissions of this user.

Steps to Follow

  1. Log into your Confluence instance as an admin.

  2. Navigate to Confluence admin area and select Atlassian Marketplace / Jira Snapshots for Confluence.

  3. Under the Jira connection tab, complete these fields:

    1. Jira Cloud URL format should match “https://<YOUR SITE NAME>”

    2. Jira username is the email address of the user who the app will be using to access Jira. All snapshots will be retrieved according to the Jira permissions of this user. Be sure that this user at least has VIEW permission to the requested data. If you have Jira Service Management and need to include in Snapshots also JSM fields (like Request Types), then this user needs to have product access to Jira Service management.

    3. API key is an active API key of the Jira user who is used for access. Here is a good explanation on how to generate an API key:

  4. Once completed, click Submit. The app will verify access before saving the data.

  5. If you have the Xray Test Management app, you can set up a link with Xray. This will make it possible to include Xray fields as part of the snapshots. The setup is explained in