About combining filters

You can get creative in how you define your rules by adding the logical and and the logical or to your rules. This way you can combine and even nest multiple filters.

This only works for the pageFilter and the userFilter, not for the ruleType.


Logical and

With the logical and you can further narrow down  pages or users, such as by combining a space key with a label.

In this example, only pages that are part of the the 'documents' space AND that have the label 'training' are considered.

        {"type": "PAGE_SPACE_NAME", "value": "documents"},
        {"type": "LABEL", "value": "training"}

Logical or

With the logical or you can widen the scope of pages or users, such as by allowing multiple email domains.

In this example, users are considered if their email address has either of the following domain names.

        {"type": "USER_EMAIL_DOMAIN", "value": "radbee.com"},
        {"type": "USER_EMAIL_DOMAIN", "value": "aol.com"}

Nested filters

You can nest one logical filter in another to create more specific and complex rules.

In the following example, users need to have an email address that ends in "@aol.com", but they could be from either group1 or group2.

    "and": [
            "or": [
                {"type": "USER_GROUP", "value": "group1"},
                {"type": "USER_GROUP, "value": "group2"}
        {"type": "USER_EMAIL_DOMAIN", "value": "aol.com"}