Training multiple departments

Your company has multiple departments that should remain up-to-date on the latest trainings.

Designer definition


You decide to gather all the training documents in one space to make sure you retain some oversight onwhich trainings are available.

You create a "Training documents" space with the "DOCS" key.

Pages space key

Each department has a group of people that need to complete the training, so for each department group you create a subgroup of trainees.

You create the user groups "department_1_trainees" and "department_2_trainees".

User group
RuleWhenever a new document is available, the trainees should receive a notification to train.NOT_TRAINED_PAGE_VERSION

JSON definition

    "rules": {
            "name": "departments_filter",
                        "type": "PAGE_SPACE_KEY",
                        "value": "DOCS"
            "userFilter": {
				"or": [
						"type": "USER_GROUP",
		                "value": "department_1_trainees"
						"type": "USER_GROUP",
						"value": "department_2_trainees"
                    "ruleType": "NOT_TRAINED_PAGE_VERSION"